5 Excuses That Stop People from Buying Life Insurance

Don’t let these excuses keep you from getting the coverage you need!

  1. It’s too expensive.” Not having life insurance could be more costly in the long run. Your spouse may lose the family home, be forced to go back to work, and your kids might miss out on educational opportunities.
  2. I haven’t gotten around to it.” There are no guarantees in life. Waiting one more day may be one day too long.
  3. I worry about making the wrong decision.” That’s why I’m here to help. I can educate you on insurance companies, options for coverage, and how long you may need coverage.
  4. I prefer to put my money elsewhere.” Many types of life insurance are inexpensive. There are also plans that return all of your money at the end of the coverage term.
  5. The coverage I have through my employer is enough.” Most employers only provide a small amount of coverage that you can’t take with you if you leave your job. This could be disastrous if you develop health problems in the meantime. What would happen if you no longer qualified for a new life insurance policy?

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Jack is a local California agent that offers plans through traditional health insurance plans. He work with Individuals, Families, Employers and Medicare Beneficiaries. With 15+ years of experience in the health insurance industry, He can help you make the most informed decision for your health coverage.

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